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An escorted tour to Iceland is a fantastic way to discover the immense natural wonders that abound in this dramatic ‘land of ice and fire’.

Bustling Reykjavík

The natural starting point for any trip to Iceland is its bustling capital Reykjavik – the most northerly in the world – where more than half of Iceland’s population lives. Set on a broad bay, surrounded by mountains, this is an area of geothermal hot springs boasting a natural central heating system and a pollution-free environment.

An island afloat in the North Atlantic close to the Arctic Circle, Iceland is home to more than 20 active volcanoes. Hekla, in the south, has erupted no fewer than 16 times, and was once described by clergymen as the gateway to Hell. Certainly, Iceland's seething mountains contribute to this sense of otherworldliness.

Sparkling fjords

Wild, colourful and rugged, as you explore you’ll discover a contrasting landscape of black lava fields, red sulphur vents, green valleys, spouting geysers, majestic glaciers and sparkling blue fjords. If you’re seeking adventure you will not be disappointed. The chance to stand behind Seljalandsfoss, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, or walk to the Skaftafellsjokull glacier in Skaftafell National Park are just two highlights.

Golden waterfall Gullfoss

The Golden Circle is high on every travellers’ list when they visit Iceland. Comprising three magical attractions, this delivers a host of wonders in one hit. First, visit the ‘golden waterfall’ of Gullfoss. It is Iceland’s most famous and lives up to expectations as you watch it plunge 30 metres down a series of cascades into a deep forge. In the Geysir area you’ll discover hot springs and other geothermal phenomena, which help to make Iceland, despite its name, one of the hottest spots on the planet. Finally, there’s Thingvellir National Park – located on the Mid-Atlantic ridge, this is where the continents of Europe and America drift apart. It’s this action that causes Iceland’s legendary volcanic activity.

Beautiful Blue Lagoon

Many visitors are drawn to Iceland in the hope of viewing the Northern Lights. This often elusive natural occurrence is visible here for nearly eight months of the year, making a sighting of these colourful dancing lights likely but of course, not guaranteed. Another sensational natural attraction is the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal pool rich in minerals said to boast healing properties. There’s nothing more relaxing than lazing in its steamy waters and many Icelanders attribute their well-being to this pastime.

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Iceland – a country of contrasts

Iceland is a country of intriguing contrasts, whose rugged beauty is a result of extremes. While immense blue-white glaciers continue to carve its landscape, the island's lively geothermal and tectonic life has created a living legacy of hot springs and lava fields born of 30 active volcanoes.

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