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Towering mountains and untamed forests, sandy beaches and bustling ski resorts – on an escorted tour to Bulgaria you can experience all of this and more. Though still not as well-known as its holiday hot spot neighbours Greece and Turkey, it is becoming increasingly popular, and has much to offer visitors, not least a low cost of living.

Black Sea coast

A crossroads between the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, Bulgaria is a scenic country. It boasts more than 200 miles of coastline stretching alongside the Black Sea, with beautiful beaches that are luring more and more tourists each year.

Golden beaches

The young, hard-partying crowd will probably head to Sunny Beach, where clubs and bars are spread along an 8km stretch of sand. This destination also lives up to its name, with on average 10 hours of sunshine every day during the summer months. However, if you’re looking for a quieter pace there’s still plenty of choice with a host of picturesque towns boasting not only beautiful beaches but architectural gems too.

UNESCO-listed sites

One such town and one of the country’s most historic destinations is UNESCO-listed Nessebar. Here you can stroll back in time some 3,000 years among its cobbled streets and discover the remains of more than 40 churches from different periods of history. The picturesque town of Plovdiv is another of Bulgaria’s ‘open-air museums’, with its most remarkable sight being a well-preserved Roman amphitheatre, still used today for performances.

Well-preserved frescoes

Ivanovo Rock Monastery is a must-visit destination too – this network of small churches, chapels and the cells inhabited by monks from the 13th to 17th centuries is hewn into rocks more than 30 metres above the Roussenski Lom River. Inside five of the churches you can see well-preserved frescoes, and inscriptions on the walls document important historic events.

Rock art

Also carved into a rock face is the Madara Rider, a remarkable work of art depicting a horseman trailed by a running dog, and a lion crushed beneath the horse’s hooves. This relief sculpture was created in the 7th century more than 20 metres up a 100-metre-high cliff and is one of Bulgaria’s most famous monuments.

Ancient civilisations

A number of ancient civilisations have left their mark on Bulgaria, with Thracian artefacts including tombs dating back to the 4th century, while the country’s music and architecture is hugely influenced by the Bulgars.

Traditional dishes

The country’s cuisine also takes its inspiration from many directions, with dishes and flavours coming from Turkey, the Middle East, Italy and Greece. Try gyuvech, a baked meat and vegetable stew, spicy ground beef and pork patties called kufte or banitsa, cheese and meat-filled pastries.

Ottoman mosques

If your Bulgaria holiday takes you to its capital Sofia, you’ll discover onion-domed churches, Ottoman mosques and many of the country’s finest museums and galleries. Maybe now is a good time to visit this surprising country before the secret is out.

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