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Africa is an enticing continent where unforgettable adventures are part of day-to-day life. Incredible  national parks filled with exotic wildlife can be discovered at every turn, with plenty of opportunities  to see the Big Five – lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino. Discover an intriguing Islamic culture, explore Egyptian ruins and gaze in awe at towering pyramids. Drive along South Africa’s spectacular coastline and relax on soft, sandy beaches. Whatever you choose to do, your time in Africa is sure to  be unforgettable.

The inspiring landscapes and breathtaking wildlife you'll encounter in Sub-Saharan make Africa holidays an unforgettable experience.

Kenya and South Africa are two of the most popular countries and Cape Town is one of Africa's premier cities. But for many visitors, the biggest attractions are the epic scenery and the chance to see wonderful animals such as lion, giraffe, elephant, rhino and buffalo in their habitats.

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