My Travelsphere Story: Claire Wynne-Riley

What does travel mean to you?
Travel is my sense of escape; I am a culture vulture and keen photographer. I’m also very hot on Tripadvisor too. I realised years ago while working in London with some temps from Australia and New Zealand that I had not travelled and only worked all my life! The temps I worked with were funding their travel around Europe and that made me realise how much I was missing out on, so I took the plunge and booked with Travelsphere.

My first solo trip was to the East Coast of USA. My husband and I are both UK military veterans, so I travelled on my own while he was stationed away or at sea for long periods of time. Being a temp worker meant I could work for a few months then have a holiday and start work again.

What were the highlights of your holidays so far?
The highlights of my holidays are to experience the culture and see the wonders of the world. My husband and I had an excellent trip to Japan in 2018 with Travelsphere. All the hotels were wonderful, and the itinerary was very well planned. Travel in general has become expensive, yet I feel that Travelsphere are a trusted brand and worth the money. This company has always worked well for me and never let me down.

Where is your next holiday to?
Grand tour of Canada and the Rocky Mountaineer and we can’t wait!

What would you say to someone undecided about booking a holiday with Travelsphere?
People considering travelling with Travelsphere should do it - one trip and you will be hooked and realise that travel is fun particularly with a highly organised company to take away the stress, with excellent guides.

  1. Travel is my sense of escape

  2. One trip and you'll be hooked!

    One trip and you will be hooked!