Tour departure board

Still current at: 24 May 2015, 18:09
Updated: 21 Feb 2015, 01:38

The following selected tours are scheduled to depart around now. Check the status column to make sure that your holiday is operating.

Tour Code Tour Name Departure Date Status
LCUB Cuba 19/02/2015 Departed
LIBTR Beyond the Golden Triangle 19/02/2015 Departed
UNYC New York City Break 20/02/2015 Departed
LMEI Mexico 20/02/2015 Departed
JSRI Sri Lanka Beach 21/02/2015 Operating
LAS Australia 21/02/2015 Operating
LCAB Chile, Argentina & Brazil 23/02/2015 Operating
LSRL Colonial Highlights of Ceylon 23/02/2015 Operating
LITR Taj Mahal, Delhi & Amber Fort 24/02/2015 Operating
LVHT Wonders of Vietnam 25/02/2015 Operating
FIROME Rome City Break 26/02/2015 Operating
FETKT Treasures of Turkey    26/02/2015 Operating
FLEGC Egypt   26/02/2015 Operating
LIBTR Beyond the Golden Triangle 26/02/2015 Operating
FNH Huskies and the Northern Lights 27/02/2015 Operating
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