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Canada and New England - a poem by Travelsphere customer Christine Hammond

24th Oct 2011 by Travelsphere

Many thanks to Christine Hammond, who was inspired to write this lovely poem by her Travelsphere holiday to Canada & New England in September 2011. "I hope this brings back memories," says Christine.

We set out on our journey, Canada and New England in the fall
You laid down the rules about seats on the coach, introductions were made to us all
From the Boston Prudential sky tour, we had a fantastic view
Forever on the lookout to see something new

Boston was incredible, the weather was really sunny
You said it was the place to shop, to spend our hard earned money
We saw the fantastic buildings, we were cooing with delight
And as the daylight faded, we saw the bright lights at night

On to Plymouth, Cape Cod and Montpelier, we even set foot on the beach
Paul would take us off the beaten track, nothing was out of reach
We set off for New Hampshire, into the countryside
We were on the lookout for maple leaves using our leaf peepers guide

As Paul drove to the White Mountains and Franconia Notch State Park
We dined on beef sandwiches from Bill and Bob's and met Elliot before it got dark
He talked of milking the tourists, he had a great sense of fun
We tried lots of his maple syrup, dodged the rain and prayed for sun

Paul drove North to the Canadian border, on to Quebec and Montreal
We saw the mighty St Lawrence river and the Hotel Frontenac standing tall
We set off for the Laurentian Mountains we had a fantastic day
We sailed on the Alouetta and had a great meal before we drove away

You have talked about the wildlife, the loon bird, beavers and moose
We’ve been ready with our cameras, for those black squirrels running loose

Ottawa, Toronto, another fantastic day
We were all fired up for Niagara Falls after our overnight stay
The CN Tower, Niagara Falls, the Maid of the Mist on the lake
The helicopter ride, the Sheraton meal, was the icing on the cake

There is more to come, New York beckons, we’re looking forward to our stay
370 miles from Rochester, wow - we’ve come a long way
New York has been amazing, we’ve seen some fantastic sights
No time to think, no time to blink as we only stayed two nights

Tiffany’s, Macy’s, Trump Tower, the Statue of Liberty
Strawberry Fields in Central Park, there is so much to see
Not forgetting Ground Zero, Times Square and Broadway too
We went up the Empire State building to see that fantastic view

Our driver has been amazing, he always drives with care
I wonder what he really thought when you told us the tourists' prayer
Paul is such a character and boy he’s done some livin’
He was a fireman in Boston for 41 year, he said his hobby is chasing women!
Since retiring from being a fireman, he’s been driving 16 years
He happily lives in Boston and I know he likes drinking beers

Sheila, you’ve done your homework, you have researched the places we visit
Let us know when you write your book, you’ll have some colourful characters in it
You have thought about us constantly, you’ve been really generous too
What with quizzes, dvds and prizes, you excel in all that you do

You are witty and so knowledgeable with a huge sense of fun
We have loved your travelling stories, they have been second to none
“Off to Toronto pronto Tonto” is a line I’ll keep in mind
Your one-liners – they really are one of a kind

You have both been so wonderful, you’ve been a really great pair
You’ve made sure our holiday is memorable, we appreciate that you care
We’ve had three birthdays on this tour: Peter Neil and Chris
We’ll treasure those little mementoes you gave
Combined ages – we’ll give that a miss

2,200 miles we have travelled, a journey to remember
It’s hard to think back to the start of 27 September
We have gelled as a group, we have had lots of fun and laughter
We’ve had a ball, it’s thanks to you, we’ve memories forever after

Sheila, you have been a wonderful tour guide to our group of 48
You’ve shown us patience and endurance, when on occasion we have been late
A huge thank you from all of us, you are a credit to Travelsphere
You can bet we will all come back for more, hopefully next year

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